Flowers & their color meanings

Flowers are the eternal way to express what you feel & with the correct insight into what all the colors of different flowers mean- You are sure to hit the right cord!

Carnation (Pink)
Of all the Carnations, pink carnations carry the most weight in terms of meaning and history. Legend has it that pink Carnations made their first appearance at the spot where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell when she wept at Jesus’ suffering. The pink Carnation embodies the sentiment that says "I'll never forget you" and is aptly so a Mother's Day flower.

Carnation (Red)
Nothing shows love and affection like a red carnation in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It professes a fondness for the receiver, one that speaks of a heart yearning for affection, a heart filled with admiration. It’s the perfect gift for all who find themselves enchanted by a feminine heart.

Carnation (Purple)
The wild child of all Carnations, the purple Carnation is a flower that speaks of unpredictability, capriciousness and of exciting, unknown times to come. This is a flower for those who are eternally young at heart. Never say die!

Carnation (White)
The white Carnation, a flower worn to all first exams at Oxford University is also one that is every woman's good luck gift. As a message from sender to recipient, this delicate flower will profess innocence, a purity of love and also the sentiment "You are sweet, you are lovely..."

Carnation (Yellow)
Akin to the striped Carnation, the yellow Carnation is another herald of ill-feeling, yet with a deeper sting. It's symbolism states a disappointment, be it in love or in everyday life. It refers to rejection, something that cuts far deeper than a simple 'No'. Beautiful as this flower may be, use it with caution.

Carnation (Solid Colour)
Wish to include a short, but very sweet answer in your bouquet? If so, add any solid colored Carnation to the arrangement to give the answer of... "Yes!"

Carnation (Striped)
There comes a time in most people's lives where a striped Carnation becomes the most appropriate flower to the occasion. Perhaps a harbinger of heartbreak, the striped Carnation is a beautiful way to say "No" or "I wish I could...", be it in love or in life.

Lily (White)
The Latin name for the lily, Lilium, is derived from the Greek 'leirion' which is thought to be the Madonna lily. It indicates virginity and purity and an esteemed measure of loftiness. And for those romantics who live for love, these serene white flowers also convey a message which lovingly states "It's heavenly to be with you".

Lily (Yellow)
The beautiful yellow lily shares its color with the summer sun and therefore also embodies the floral meaning of happiness and will let the recipient know that the sender is "walking on air"!

Lily (Day)
So called because these flowers open at sunrise and wither as the sun sets, their botanic name, Hemerocallis, comes from the Greek 'hemera' meaning 'day' and 'kalos' meaning 'beautiful'. These elegant flowers with their large silky flower heads are the Chinese symbol for 'Mother' and, in terms of floral meaning, well, let's just say it's a flower with a lot of flirt.

Lily (Tiger)
Tiger lily is a common name for three different types of lilies- the Wood lily, the Michigan lily and lilium columbianum all native to North America. This vivacious flower bears the floral meaning of wealth and pride, making it the perfect gift for those with the mighty feline heart.

Rose (Bridal)
Including its general meaning of love, the Bridal rose symbolises a happy love which, according to many, translates as the beginning of a love and life shared in bliss with a significant other.

Rose (Dark Crimson)
Beautiful as they are, dark crimson roses are usually associated with mourning. Make this the ideal addition to those funereal bouquets to extend a beautiful semblance of sympathy with those left behind.

Rose (Hibiscus)
The Hibiscus rose makes the perfect gift to be exchanged between young lovers in love. Its floral meaning points to delicate beauty which means, combined with pink, red and white roses, the hibiscus rose will make for the perfect combination of a promise for long, lasting love.

Rose (Leaf)
Ah, not a complete rose but nevertheless, still a part of a rose. And as such, the rose leaf brings a message that says "You may hope" which is sure to fill the heart of many young men and women with a burst of joy and excitement.

Rose (Pink)
One of the few roses with a double meaning, the pink rose is a symbol for perfect happiness. As to the other meaning, well, let's just say that when faced with distrust in a friendship or a relationship, the pink rose pleads "please believe me".

Rose (Red)
The famed red rose; the subject of song and art. Its symbolism is simplistic yet powerful. It means love and carries the message of "I Love You".

Rose (Tea)
The tea rose will make the perfect gift for those who value sentiment above all else. It is a symbol of remembrance and carries the message "I'll never forget".

Rose (Thornless)
The thornless rose symbolizes love at first sight - something extremely rare and amazingly beautiful. Make the most of life and don't let this chance slip by. Either on its own or in a bouquet, this flower will send the message loud and clear, sealing that moment in eternity.

Rose (White)
Next to the red rose, the white rose is the most famed and loved of all. It symbolizes innocence and purity and declares to the recipient "I am worthy of you". Shared between lovers this flower will convey a message stating "You are heavenly" whilst on a darker, more mysterious note, the white rose is also a symbol for secrecy and silence.

Rose (Red & White Mixed)
The white and red rose, a combination of the two most well known colors, is both the floral emblem of England and a symbol of unity.

Rose (Yellow)
Receive a yellow rose and take care, it could either mean jealousy or be a sign of withering love. It is in fact a plea from the sender that implores "Try to care".

Tulip (Red)
When presented with the red tulip, one may either surmise that it is an entreaty which states "Believe me!" or, quite simply, a declaration of love.

Tulip (Variegated)
The variegated tulip is perhaps one of the few flowers to reference a body part. In fact, it is a flower of praise as to the aesthetics of the windows to the soul, which, in English, means "You have beautiful eyes".

Tulip (Yellow)
The yellow tulip will brighten up many a day as its floral meaning states "your smile is sunshine to me".

Gerbera (Red)
Its awesome round shape helps exhibit the fullness of your love for your sweetheart. Simply put, these beautiful, rich flowers with their velvety petals will make for a perfect gift for your lovely beloved.

Gerbera (White)
White gerberas are known for their cheerfulness, purity and innocence and, its soothing and comforting effect make it a perfect gift for those feeling really down and out.

Gerbera (Yellow)
The color yellow receives so much attention simply because it conveys the feeling of warmth, sunshine and friendship. So if you are someone who really longs for a long-lasting, inspirational friendship, go out of your way and nurture it!

Gerbera (Orange)
Being a flamboyant and vibrant color, the orange gerberas radiate the passionate emotions of red combined with sun-drenched feelings of yellow.

Gerbera (Pink)
Pink gerberas express feelings like compassion or respect opt for a light pink gerbera, while dark pink gerberas signify appreciation. Pink Gerberas are basically known as the “gift of cheerfulness.”

Orchid (White)
Rare white orchids radiate divine beauty. They symbolize purity, perfection, innocence and hope. The flowers look amazing, whether used in parties, marriages, placed as a centerpiece in homes, or set on the dinning table. They are also popular because of their long lasting character. Say, Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Congrats, or something in between by giving white orchids.

Orchid (Blue)
A blue orchid is rare and hence, symbolizes rarity. Blue orchids also stand for spirituality and meditation.romance, love and desire like how most of blue color flowers are associated. And for the blue color it has, people find it peaceful and tranquil like the color of water and the sky. Others also see it as symbols of beauty and strength.

Orchid (Pink)
Pink Orchids symbolize pure affection. Gift these graceful flowers to convey the message ‘true care’ to the ones closer to your heart. A pink orchid represents joy, happiness, and innocence. It is also the gift for the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary.

In a strange way, Gladioli though a magnificent flower is related with swords. Latin word "gladius" means "sword. May be the shape of the leaves is to be blamed for this. However, the positive feature being the flower represents Roman gladiators and stands for the strength of character.The gladioli also inspire passionate feelings and are known to be flower of infatuation. A gift of gladioli simply means ‘you pierce my heart ’.

Bird of Paradise
Bearing an unmistakable resemblance to a brightly colored bird in flight, bird of paradise are native to south Africa and represent joyfulness and (not surprisingly) paradise itself. Also known as Crane flowers, they are distinctive and striking, spectacularly shaped like a bird’s beak and plumage. Bird of Paradise are the 9th wedding anniversary flower.