Floral Jewellery- Blooming Its Way Into The Hearts Of Brides

Every soon-to-be bride dreams of being the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding as well as pre-wedding functions. Fresh floral jewellery has become the most quintessential choice of the Brides who want to experiment with their style and looks for the wedding functions. More brides nowadays, want to break the traditional appearance to look the Best on the most important days of their lives & are ready to hop onto anything that they find unique and appealing.

Be it a Wedding, Mehndi, Sangeet, Haldi, Bangle ceremony: Floral Jewellery is a hit!

Fresh Flowers converted into the form of wearable jewellery is a master piece in itself. These flowers are further decorated with gold and silver beads or white pearls. Floral jewellery adds panache to any elegant attire & is simply classy to be worn to any social event. It appeals to the eyes & is aesthetic in every sense. The brides carrying it look radiant, charming & dazzling as ever in this fashionable statement piece.

Floral jewellery is even a hot trend that many Bollywood brides have gone for, from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Shilpa Shetty.

The USP of fresh floral jewellery is that it is available in a plethora of flowers, shapes, colors, designs and styles. Oh and the brides can conquer the most important element of the look- Match the jewellery color scheme with that of their dresses!
Just a right combination of all the elements & you are set to rock the place. There are many ornaments that can be made from fresh flowers which include small gajra or even a long plait decoration for the hair, a floral tiara, maang tika, maangpatti, neck pieces-choker or a longhaar or flower necklace, baju-band, flower earrings, dangler earrings, armlet, bracelet, waist-belt, anklet, bangles and so on. As per individual preference, they can be customized into traditional or contemporary style.
There are a variety of flowers that can be used to make exotic and fragrant pieces of ornaments. Most popular ones are mogra flowers, roses, orchids and carnations. At times even rajnigandha is used. One has to keep in mind that flower size has to be kept small in order to maintain the delicacy of the ornament. So for a traditional look, flowers like mogra and roses are used. Whatever be the choice of flower, it should gel well with the colour of the dress. The jewellery is made free size so that the brides are not required to come for measurement trials and there are no fitting errors.
Floral jewellery is delivered with utmost care to keep their freshness and vibrant colours intact. It does not last very long and wither away in a day or two. However, they make beautiful wedding memories and when the bride looks back at the ceremony photographs, she may get transfixed by the beauty of the jewellery and hers, ofcourse!

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